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We are your Florida Osteopathic Medical Association District 7

President's Message

Hello FOMA District 7 members,

It seems like forever since our last in-person meeting I hope this communication finds you and your families all safe and healthy during this continued COVID-19 pandemic. I also hope that as the vaccines have been rolling out, that all our members have had the opportunity to get vaccinated. If not, please let Linda, or me know. I believe that only with this mass vaccination process, will we all be able to come  together, in person, with some precautions, and enjoy our company and share our experiences and knowledge once again. I do miss our gatherings and the camaraderie it brings. 

With that being said, I do want you to know that your FOMA 7 District board has been working hard and meeting virtually as well as continuing to represent our District at the state level of FOMA. Dr. Mark Kaufman, student Drs. Francisco Centeno and Brie Howerton of LECOM, along with myself, attended the FOMA state delegation meetings - virtually, on February 4, 2021. Dr. Mark Kaprow, D.O., from Maitland, FL, was elected President of FOMA for the 2021-22 year and Lee Ann Brown, D.O. from Clearwater, FL, was elected President-Elect. FOMA District 7 now has a representative on the Executive Board of FOMA, as I was elected as a Director at Large on the Executive Committee. Florida Osteopathic Physicians, including our district continue to have excellent leadership at all levels of our organization. 

FOMA has been working exceptionally hard currently monitoring the Florida State Legislative sessions, currently going on in Tallahassee. As more organizations try to increase their scope of practices, both FOMA and FMA continue to battle to keep these extensions into our domain at bay. It is an uphill battle that our organizations fight all year round. FOMA, also this last year, found it necessary to defend all Osteopathic physicians and students after the News media attack on  our profession. I am referring to former President Trump’s personal Osteopathic Physician. Dr. Sean Conley, D.O.  It took every level of our organization, from county, state and national to undo the damage as news media tried to portray the Osteopathic profession as second rate. I believe our organizations did a fine and speedy job jumping to all our defense. I also want to thank all the non-Osteopathic organizations, including the AMA and FMA for standing by the side of the Osteopathic physicians as their equals. Bravo to all. 

Linda Kunke, our District’s Director, has been working behind the scenes tirelessly. We are still hopeful to have some type of outdoor event in June as well as our annual FOMA District 7 seminar in November. As news on the improvement of the COVID 19 pandemic come forward, we can plan other live events. Linda also is continuing to work on our Web site. She will be sending out updates about our organization in both mail and email form. Our dues notifications for the 2021 year will be going out and I hope that not only will everyone already a member continues to support your local Osteopathic Society, but that you will encourage your colleagues to join. There are many new Osteopathic physicians moving to the area and the benefits of being connected are numerous. Please let them know. The other good news is that Dues Fees will remain the same.    

On the COVID 19 front, we continue to wait for Governor DeSantis to allow vaccinations at Doctor offices and clinics. We are still in touch with the Manasota Medical Reserve Corp for anyone who wants to volunteer in the vaccination process. Also, Dr. William Adams, M.D., President of the Sarasota County Medical Society, has also reached out for any physician or medical personnel to help volunteer in the vaccination process. Reach out to Linda for any contact information you may need. 

The year 2020 was truly a memorable year for all the wrong reasons, and it is my hope that in 2021, we can quickly move out of that darkness and get back to what we do best, to enhance the quality and availability of health care for our patients as well as being an advocate for our physicians.

Best of health to all of you, 

Dr. Joseph A. Sassano, D.O.
FOMA District 7

Current Board

President: Joseph Sassano
Vice President: Richard Yonker
Secretary: Robert Finkelstein
Treasurer: Tony Montanaro
Trustee: Mark Kaufmann
Alternate Delgate: Robert George
Governor: Tom Quinn

Board Meetings

April Board Meeting
Tuesday, April 20th @ 6:30 PM 
Dr Sassano’s Office

August Board Meeting
Tuesday, August 17th @ 6:30 PM
Dr Sassano’s Office

October Board Meeting
Thursday, October 14th @ 6:30 PM
Dr Sassano’s Office